Screening is performed by a qualified optometrist and tests interpreted by an ophthalmologist.  A full report is provided after the screening with any recommendations if applicable.

The screening service is offered on a cash basis.  A statement is provided on request for medical aid claims.

Patients can opt to have a full consultation with an ophthalmologist at standard medical aid tariffs rather than a screening examination.

In the instance that a serious eye problem is found during the screening service, the patient will be referred to an ophthalmologist of their choice for evaluation.

Screening Options:

  • Ocular Media Assessment
  • Corneal Imaging
  • Retinal Imaging
  • Chloroquine Retinopathy Screen
  • Diabetic Eye Disease Screen
  • Glaucoma Screen

Please use one of the following methods for bookings:

  1. Tel: 041 373 8800
  2. Email: referral@bothadutoit.com
  3. Whatsapp: 066 313 4259