Any optical imperfections in the optical media can affect vision. The most common causes are dry eyes and cataract formation. Other causes include vitreous opacities (floaters) and irregular corneal astigmatism. In some cases, it may be difficult to differentiate the main cause of vision decrease in patients with concomitant ocular media problems like combined dry eyes and cataracts.

The OSI (Ocular Scatter Index) provides us with an objective measurement of the light scatter caused by ocular opacities, for example cataracts.  It is a new tool and is great because it can help to determine whether cataract surgery will increase the patient’s vision, or whether there are other contributing factors to decreased vision.

Assessment of Ocular Media

Objective special investigations are used to pinpoint the main causes of ocular media imperfections.  The service includes:

  1. Objective tear-film measurement and assessment (HD Analyser)
  2. Ocular scatter index measurement (HD analyser)
  3. Dynamic imaging of vitreous cavity (Heidelberg) in selected cases
  4. Corneal wavefront assessment in selected cases

The tests will be performed by an ophthalmic technician and test interpreted by an ophthalmologist who will provide feedback and recommendations.

The patients will not be seeing an ophthalmologist, but tests will be interpreted by an ophthalmologist who will provide feedback to the referring practitioner.

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  2. Email: referral@bothadutoit.com
  3. Whatsapp: 066 313 4259