Diabetes is a common condition which affects millions of South Africans.  It causes damage to small blood vessels which can lead to stroke, heart attacks, foot ulceration and kidney failure.  It causes major eye problems in many patients.

In the eye, it can cause retinal swelling, bleeding, or retinal detachment. It also causes early onset of cataracts and contributes to dry eye formation.

It is recommended for diabetic patients to undergo an annual eye examination to ensure early recognition and management of eye-related problems before permanent visual problems occur.

Suggested Diabetic Screening Protocol:

  • Type 1 Diabetic 0 – 30 years of age
    • Screen within 5 years of diagnosis
  • Type 2 diabetics or late Type 1 (> 30 years age)
    • Screen at diagnosis
  • Pregnancy
    • Screen in 1st semester and every semester thereafter
  • Continued screening
    • Based on the severity of retinopathy

Current Screening services:

  1. Visual Acuity
  2. Ultra-wide field fundus imaging.  Patients DO NOT need to be dilated for this examination; therefore, they can drive after the screening process.
  3. Wide-Field 3D OCT Scan of the Posterior Pole
  4. Optical Scatter Index (OSI) for objective evaluation of the tear film and lens.

Our practice can offer patients cost-effective diabetic eye screening using the above protocol.

Please use one of the following methods for bookings:

  1. Tel: 041 373 8800
  2. Email: referral@bothadutoit.com
  3. Whatsapp: 066 313 4259