REFRACTIVE SURGERY removes spectacles and contact lenses, and there is no reason to use them for normal vision in 2020.  Therefore, you should speak to a refractive surgeon if you are tired of your spectacles or contact lenses.  Indeed the statistics will blow you away.  Furthermore, the Trans-PRK procedure takes only 40 seconds per eye.  You will ask yourself why you waited so long.


Affordability and quality service delivery is essential to us.  Hence anybody can request a cost estimate.  Lower-income patients, as well as international and travelling patients, have access to cost-effective options.  A mistake might cost you dearly; in contrast, a cost estimate will cost you only time.  Because the law prevents us from publishing procedure fees, we ask you to please request a cost estimate.

Who qualifies?

Patients above the age of 18 qualify for surgery.  There is no upper limit in age for this procedure, even those with previous cataract surgery.  There should be an option available for you if you wear spectacles or contact lenses.  Gradual decrease in vision with ageing is abnormal.  Almost anybody can have perfect refraction and vision with the technology that we can offer you.

Do not be fooled; ONLY a refractive surgeon can tell you whether or not surgery is possible.

The non-touch Trans-PRK technique is possible with the Schwind Amaris, which is the only laser system with SmartSurfACE technology.  This technology has made refractive surgery even safer because of completion without having to touch the eye.  There is no usage of blades or suction rings during this procedure.  Finally, costs are low because of the lack of unnecessary expensive lasers.


  • Comprehensive Options
  • Schwind Amaris 750S Excimer Laser
  • Wavefront Corneal Measurements
  • Custom Laser Ablations
  • SmartSurface Technology enables SAFE and QUICK non-touch surgery
  • We offer thin flap LASIK and Trans-PRK for thinner corneas
  • Non-touch Trans-PRK / SmartSurface procedures are possible with the Schwind Amaris.
  • SmartSurfACE technology is only available on the Schwind Amaris laser platform.

Refractive Surgery Pricing Guide

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