The iStent glaucoma implant is a minimal invasive glaucoma implant which does not require large cuts to the eyeball as required with all the older glaucoma procedures. The stent is microscopically small –currently still by far the smallest device to have ever been implanted in a human. The device is 1mm x 0.3mm in size.

This device is extremely well tested and has achieved European CE mark and is also FDA approved and in use in the USA.

The stent is placed through a small self-sealing corneal incision using a simple implant device. The procedure takes only a few moments and is painless. The iStent is most commonly placed at the same time as a cataract procedure (Combined case).

The iStent is an extremely safe device/procedure which has virtually no complications or side-effects. Some of the occasional side-effects described include transient bleeding into the eye, infection (endophthalmitis) and transient inflammation. These side-effects occur in less than 1 / 200 cases and are extremely uncommon.

The device has proven efficacy. It has been shown in studies that average pressure reduction with the iStent is 20%. On average 66% of patients with mild or moderate glaucoma will need no further glaucoma drops after having an iStent placed.

As with all glaucoma operations, there can be no guarantee for success, as some patients will have a poor pressure reduction even with an accurately placed iStent. As with all glaucoma procedures, a small number of patients will eventually worsen despite having an initial fully functional iStent in place.